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Remote-hosted system

Excent’s web-based solutions can be hosted in our secure hosting facility. Our managed IT and hosting services source the labor, absorb the costs, and maximize accessibility so your staff can focus on district goals.

The Enrich database is based on your district’s Student Information System (SIS), therefore its paramount that a direct connection can be established between Enrich and the district’s SIS. Because this kind of connection can be challenging due to security concerns, we have developed the Hosted Enrich Agent which runs at the district.

The Hosted Enrich Agent connects to the district’s SIS database and uses an SIS Add-on module to convert the native SIS data into the Enrich Import Schema. The agent then transmits those files over the internet to the Enrich hosting center where it can be imported to the Enrich database. During the import process, validation rules are applied to ensure that the data is in a consistent state before it is loaded.

The export of student data from the SIS into Enrich would be different for any given SIS.

District-hosted system

If the system will be district-hosted, EXCENT provides IT consulting services to provide recommendations for server hardware and software, as well as network connectivity audits for all clients. EXCENT Customer Care can also provide recommendations on data security and disaster recovery planning, if needed.

  • Free your IT resources. Let them focus on district needs while we manage and monitor your database platforms.
  • Leverage a well-tuned database, optimized for performance through regimented maintenance and upgrade procedures, as well as automated monitoring and reporting.
  • Enjoy data security as we continually apply patches and security updates
  • Extensive reporting and monitoring including: system logs, hardware monitoring, metrics reporting access, annual and semi-annual server, performance and vulnerability reports, and port monitoring and alerting
  • OS troubleshooting support
  • Regular mock failover testing to ensure resiliency
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