Benefit from shared data, aggregated for you, by data experts.

Setting up a data file exchange between Excent solutions and student data technologies can save teachers and administrators hundreds of hours completing forms and producing reports throughout the school year.

By linking student information systems (SIS), grade books, discipline systems, as well as state and district level assessment scores to Excent’s solutions, district staff can make decisions based on accurate, real-time data.

Our project managers work closely with district IT staff to set up an automated exchange where student data is imported into EXCENT either one time or on a periodic basis (e.g. nightly for SIS data) keeping district data systems perfectly in sync.

The export of student data from the SIS into our database is accomplished through a three step process and includes three categories of data:
  • Source data prep
  • Source data scrub
  • Create source data summary report
Source data import categories include:
  • Students (SIS – Student Information System)
  • Users (LDAP – Lightweight Data Access Protocol)
  • Converted (Legacy) Data
  • Saves users time by aggregating data from multiple platforms
  • Decisions can be made based on most recent information available
  • Set-it and forget-it Student Information System (SIS) import
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